Post-Surgical Pain Treatment Facility in Orange, CT

Post surgical physical therapy

After all of the time, money and hope that goes into a surgical procedure, finding out that it didn’t relieve your pain is devastating.

After suffering from pain for months (or even years), surgery typically feels like the last resort. It is expensive, comes with recovery downtime and, above all, isn’t guaranteed to fix your pain. When you finally wake up from your procedure, recover and realize that you’re still in pain, you may feel as if you have no other options.

Luckily, New England Spine & Disc not only treats pain but focuses on post-surgical pain. Our team of highly-qualified and experienced pain management technicians uses natural treatments that are non-surgical to find the cause of your pain, once and for all. Our non-medical treatments are pain-free, relaxing and, most importantly, help to eliminate your chronic pain leftover from surgery.

Alternative Pain Treatments for All

When surgery fails, trust New England Spine & Disc to give your body the non-surgical pain treatment it needs. All of our treatments are pain-free, most of our patients even fall asleep during their sessions! How are these procedures more effective than surgery? We treat our patients in anywhere from 8-24 sessions with gentle laser and decompression technologies that are designed to work with your body instead of against it. This means that your body gradually is brought to a pain-free state instead of being forced to by means of surgical intervention.

Radiating Pain Treatment

When your pain is unbearable and you can feel it moving through your body, it’s known as “radiating” pain. This means that it travels through nerve roots, causing intense pain that can remain after surgery. By having your radiating pain evaluated by New England Spine & Disc, we can give you the answers you need, as well as treatments (if you qualify)!

Decompression Treatment

Surgery isn’t always the answer for pain, as you may have learned the hard way. At New England Spine & Disc, we have DRX 9000 decompression technology that uses gentle vacuums to pull in a fresh blood supply to the affected area. This promotes healing to painful areas and effectively reduces your pain!

If you’re experiencing post-surgical pain, contact New England Spine & Disc today. Your initial consultation is free and no matter if we can treat you or not, we’ll give you the answers about the cause of your pain!