State-of-the-Art Non-Surgical Knee Pain Treatment in Orange, CT

Person holding knee in pain

If your knee pain is stopping you from getting around, it’s time to talk to the pain experts at New England Spine & Disc.

We’ve seen hundreds of patients suffering from knee pain. It stops them from working, traveling and family activities, leaving them feeling hopeless and alone. With years of experience and the most state-of-the-art technology, we offer knee pain relief treatments that utilize painless, non-surgical methods.

By using our class IV laser technology, we deliver a targeted beam to relieve your knee of even the most severe pain. By simply letting us know your level of knee pain and scheduling an initial consultation, we can begin your journey to becoming pain-free!

Knee Swelling

If you’ve noticed that your knee is swelling, it’s likely the effect of an injury, overuse or even a hidden condition. Your knee swells up with fluids to heal the affected area, which sometimes can be even more painful. By a simple evaluation and knee pain treatments with our class IV laser, the specialists at New England Spine & Disc will have you up and running again in no time!

Knee Stiffness

A stiff, immobile knee can be a huge problem when it comes to getting around. At New England Spine & Disc, our team specialized in knee pain relief, loosening up your knee and giving you the mobility you need! We use class IV laser technology to heal the muscles around the knee and prevent them from stiffening again.

Knee Popping

If you notice popping in your knee(s), it’s likely quite annoying and maybe even painful. Knee popping is caused by living an active lifestyle or past knee injuries. While most of the time this isn’t harmful to the knee if you notice it’s getting worse over time, it’s imperative to get it examined. At New England Spine & Disc, we’re able to evaluate your popping knee to get to the root cause of the problem and give you relief through an effective knee pain treatment.

Arthritic Knee Problems

Arthritis in the knee can be onset at any age, meaning that it’s important to know which symptoms to look out for. If your knees are experiencing pain, swelling, buckling, cracking and physical deformities, it may be arthritis. By contacting New England Spine & Disc, our team will get to the bottom of your problems and provide a knee pain treatment to ease these symptoms.

If you’re experiencing knee pain, contact New England Spine & Disc today. Your initial knee pain treatment consultation is free and no matter if we can treat you or not, we’ll give you the answers about the cause of your pain!