Orange, CT's Spine & Disc Specialist: Dr. Carpenos’ Treatment

Dr. Richard Carpenos, DC

“My philosophy when it comes to our spines and our health is centered around avoiding any and all medicalization.”

“Going to an MD is about destructive procedures including drugs, physical therapy, epidural steroid injections and more that only do harm and are not FDA-approved for the spine. Common minimally-invasive surgeries include microdiscectomy (laser spine surgery with a one-inch incision) and laminectomy (radiofrequency ablation, which literally means "burning away" fusion of the spine with screws and cages).

We use computerized technology to gently draw the disc space apart 18 times in a half an hour at half your body's weight. It's so relaxing that many patients fall asleep. Then we use a class IV laser over the tissue to speed up the body's own healing process. After, we use a Cox 8 table to gently flex and distract the spine, placing it through its complete range of motion, passively. The patient leaves with no downtime and no restrictions. Ice or heat can be applied to the spine as needed. Most patients with herniated discs, degenerative discs, spinal stenosis, bad surgical outcomes, sciatica and joint pain, in general, return to normal health during the protocol. 24 visits over 12 weeks is the sweet spot for most patients. We can apply your health insurance benefits to the cost and some even have complete coverage. We also offer payment plans and financing! The best part is that the first two visits are on me. If you need to speak directly with to or need answers to your questions, feel free to call me at the office.”

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