When You Suffer from Chronic Pain, Getting Relief is the Only Thing on Your Mind. Experience the long-term pain relief you deserve today.

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We help serve those with disc problems, failed injections, failed surgeries, stenosis & more.

I'm back to training for a marathon and I couldn't have done that without coming here. I travel close to 1.5 hours and it's been worth it. - Sarah H, Patient at New England Spine & Disc*
Former runner and soccer player with past injuries.

At New England Spine & Disc, we understand pain better than anyone in the industry. As a result, our entire staff is committed to making our patients' comfort their #1 priority. Listen to this patient's story with us and hear how we were able to drastically reduce their pain.

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non-surgical spine pain treatment

Patient-centered healthcare; it’s all about you!

At New England Spine & Disc, we know pain. It’s not always present, but when it is, it is debilitating. It interferes with your daily life, making work, family time, and even a vacation feel impossible. If you're searching for effective relief, you might be thinking about visiting "pain management doctors near me" or considering harmful epidurals or destructive surgery as your only escapes.

This could not be further from the truth! New England Spine & Disc is the technology alternative to these traditional treatments, giving you safe, non-surgical treatment.

Our team treats the most serious disc problems, including:

  • Degenerative Disc Problems
  • Herniated Disc Problems
  • Bulging Disc Problems
  • Post-Surgical Pain
  • Stenosis
  • And More!

Each of our treatment plans is custom-tailored to address your unique condition.

The best way to find out if you are a candidate for our treatments, including knee pain relief and joint pain relief, is to go through our pre-treatment screening process, which starts with a free consultation. Your consultation includes a comprehensive review of all of your past treatments and diagnostics to determine if having you complete the examination process is worthwhile. You'll get an honest opinion about what it is we think would be best for your unique situation and also let you know if you qualify for our exclusive severe back, neck and disc pain solution examination. We are a part of most insurance plans and will verify your coverage before you commit to care. (We do not accept Husky or Medicaid.)

Our experienced team is committed to getting you the relief you deserve by any means necessary.

Class IV laser and non-surgical spinal decompression (DRX 9000) tables

When treating your pain, we utilize technology instead of painful surgical methods. Our class IV laser and non-surgical spinal decompression (DRX 9000) tables are revolutionizing the way that pain is treated, and we can help you, too.

We cannot promise that you’ll qualify for treatment. However, we can promise you an honest, expert opinion, giving you the assurance that you'll leave your consultation with a clear understanding of your pain. From there, we will also recommend the best option to find long-lasting pain relief, once and for all.

To schedule your free consultation and get one step closer to pain relief, contact New England Spine & Disc today!