Knee Pain Treatment in New Haven CT

Are you looking for a non-surgical treatment solution for your chronic pain? You've come to the right place! New England Spine and Disc has been helping patients in Connecticut and all over the country who are struggling with unbearable pain. We have technologies that provide long-terms solutions for a variety of chronic pain issues. Take the first step towards being pain free by requesting a free consultation at office. Our innovative solutions are ideal to deal with back, neck or joint pain.

Connecticut's Leading Choice For Non-Surgical Pain Treatment

Knee Pain TreatmentAt New England Spine & Disc, we are pioneers in the non-surgical back pain treatment field. Conveniently located near New Haven CT we use decompression treatments, class IV laser treatments and more to solve many common back pain problems. Our back surgery alternatives give patients their lives back from being controlled by pain! Simply give us a call, let us know your level of pain and we will see how we can help.

"Most patients with herniated discs, degenerative discs, spinal stenosis, bad surgical outcomes, sciatica and joint pain, in general, return to normal health during the protocol. 24 visits over 12 weeks is the sweet spot for most patients. We can apply your health insurance benefits to the cost and some even have complete coverage. We also offer payment plans and financing! The best part is that the first two visits are on me. If you need to speak directly with to or need answers to your questions, feel free to call me at the office." - Dr. Carpenos

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Reviews From Patients Who Have Received Treatment

Before non-surgical spinal decompression and the laser therapy, I felt horrible! I couldn't sit, couldn't bend over, or exercise due to back pain. I had tried everything. Then I had 2 epidural injections that did not work. I was told back surgery was my only other choice. I know too many people that have a bad result from that. So, I tried the non-surgical spinal decompression and laser combo. The therapies have changed my life for the better! I can now walk, sit, and get up without any pain! I feel I have a new lease on life without excruciating pain anymore. I am so thankful for these wonderful therapies which I highly recommend to anyone thinking about surgery or in severe pain.-Barbara R.*